Egonerds: The ultimate trend in Internet is showing off the cool looking class notes in social media.

Social networks have been invaded by the “studyblr” student community, which shares and glamorizes their learning hours.

First were the youtubers and the egobloggers. Then came the foodies and the gamers. Now the focus is on the instagramers and streamers. But we have not yet fully exploited the suffix -ers. The imagination of networks to create trends out of nothing continues to bear fruit. Once we have boasted to our followers of dress, menu, wit and perfect match, what do we have left? We have all that we dedicate the rest of our time. In the case of the youngest, the study. Thousands of students join on platforms like Tumblr and Instagram to glamorize the cramming.
How? Showing off their schemes, school material or calligraphy, sharing their studying experience and collaborating with others to make it more bearable. Of course, respecting a high sense of harmony and aesthetics. The community has been named as studyblr (or studygram, depending on the platform) and would be the update 2.0 of that classmate who impressed the rest with notes worthy of being displayed in a gallery. The scribbles have passed away.

The phenomenon began in 2014 from some texts and motivational phrases for the study that became viral in the social network Tumblr. Since then the community has grown at a steady pace, reaping more than two million 'likes' this year. At Instagram, the hashtag #studygram has more than half a million posts. In addition to the exhibitionistic fact - my study space and my calligraphy are so cool - the spirit of the community is in the cooperation with your followers. The creators of blogs, with an overwhelming majority of women, share tips, schemes and calendars made by themselves so that anyone can download them. It is the umpteenth exaltation of the analogical in the digital environment, an increasingly fashionable circumstance of the new generations as they symbolize cassette tapes (alive and kicking). They are colleagues and counselors, sharing the stress of an exam during the sleepless nights, and advising and inspiring on matters of education and work.

Magnetic Notes by study-relief

The artistic section plays a fundamental role in the images that populate this network. If avocado is the king of the foodie world, here the subjects kneel before the highlighter Stabilo. The Boss. Fat tip and fluorescent family. And together with the renowned Stabilo highlighter, the innovative and funny Magnetic Notes, of all colors and sizes, used by the egonerds to show the latest trend in notes. Magnetic Notes has made its way into the world of e-students because they not only meet the functionality of the notes, but adding a sophisticated and practical touch: it doesn’t need glue and they cling statically by themselves being able to move them from one side to another. The fact of having a wide range of bright and yummy colors is another quality highly valued by this community of students who don’t hesitate to publish their post with their new treasure: Magnetic Notes.

Magnetic Notes in a beautiful desktop  

The success of the studyblrs, to whom we might call “egonerdies”, also depends on excellent calligraphy, a space for study that conveys peace (either a desk or bed) and a loose budget for acquiring branded pens and markers, leather notebooks and a laptop, Apple if possible. Of course, you can join the community without this sort of things. After all hard work and determination will improve the grades. The dictatorship of the “like” force to be overcome daily in these spaces. They have to surprise the followers and, as in any other blogger sector, keeping one is expensive, both in terms of the economy, witticism and time. Just this is one of the disadvantages that parents and educators find in that apparent golden dream of any of them. However, Mulan Writes, Clara Tang’s blog, can spend 4 hours for each post. A time that she did not spend studying but it was a stimulus for her results: “My grades went up, and also my motivation, which is probably the cause of the improvement. In the studyblr community we are very motivated by each other”. A collaborative spirit which the journalist and writer Kaite Welsh believes goes beyond the anecdote in her article “The Ascent of the studyblr”, published on the educational website Bright: “So, rather than a small group of school-loving teenagers trading post-it note recommendations, what we may be witnessing on the studyblr tag could be the infancy of a new knowledge-sharing economy”. And its lush Rotring marker collection.

Magnetic notes used by @opocristi2